Global Ginger Health Benefits

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Global Ginger Health Benefits

Ginger has been famous among herbalists because of its health benefits. It is a plant that originated from Southeast Asia.  They use it for culinary and medical purposes.

This natural spice is famous all over the world because of its smell and pungent taste. For over 2,500 years Chinese herbalists have used ginger, not only for adding flavor to food but also for the many health benefits it is famous for.

(Global Ginger Health Benefits)

Benefits of Ginger

There is a wide range of illnesses that ginger can help against. To name some are nausea, digestive problems, arthritis and circulation.

One of ginger health benefits is its ability to relieve an upset stomach. It also promotes the flow of bile in the body and better circulation.

(Global Ginger Health Benefits)

Ginger also helps to promote a healthy cardiovascular system because it aids in making platelets less sticky which reduces heath problems on the circulatory system.

Another ginger health benefit is that it helps pregnant women get over nausea caused by pregnancy. If you are the type who gets nausea when traveling then ginger can also help you with that.

Many herbal decongestants also use ginger to help minimize the symptoms of certain respiratory conditions, allergies and colds.

Aside from the above ginger health benefits, the oil that comes from ginger root is for massaging because it soothes and relieves painful arthritis. This is because of the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger.

(Global Ginger Health Benefits)

Ginger Side Effects

It is also refreshing to know that ginger has no known drug side effects. It does not have a negative reaction with other nutrients stored in your body and is safe to take in all forms.

Regional Uses of Ginger

Aside from the health benefits of ginger, it also has some regional therapeutic use which makes it more unique.

In the US, ginger is widely used to prevent morning sickness for pregnant women and motion sickness. Even the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recognizes the safe effect of ginger. It also falls under unregulated dietary supplement.

In many of the western countries, they make ginger roots into powder and into a capsule that is being marketed in pharmacies.

(Global Ginger Health Benefits)

In the Philippines, the salabat juice (a drink created by boiling water and ginger with the addition of sugar) is to treat sore throat. Most elders even believe that drinking it regularly will improve the singing voice.

In Burma, they combine ginger with a local sweetener is from palm tree juice and it helps in preventing flu.

In India, they place ginger as a paste to the temples to help relieve headache. Eating ginger for Indians would also mean prevention from common colds.

Other countries like China, Indonesia and even Congo also use ginger for its health benefits. This only goes to show the power of ginger and why many believe in it.

(Global Ginger Health Benefits)

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