Blood Group and Longevity – Is the Answer in Your Blood Type?

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Blood Group and Longevity – Is the Answer in Your Blood Type?

As we as a whole realize, we group human blood into four. A, B, AB, and O with each letter alludes to an antigen, or protein, on the outside of red platelets. The rates of individuals having these blood bunches in the United States is:

O – 45%

A – 40%

B – 11%

AB – 4%

These rates may shift in specific areas of the nation relying on the social makeup of the populace. Different examinations are being done which show that there is a connection between blood grouping and life span. Research has showed that blood group O has the longest life expectancy.

A’s live to be approximately 61.6 years

AB’s…………………………… 69.5

B’s……………………………… 78.2


(Blood Group and Longevity – Is the Answer in Your Blood Type?)

We have seen it that people with Blood group O have a good capacity to eat meat protein, have a strong immune system and a robust digestive tract. They respond best to stress with intense physical activity. They are less prone to heart diseases as they have a thin blood.  It is less likely to clot but they may be more prone to ulcers, blood-clotting disorders, arthritis, hypothyroidism and allergies. However, those who change their dietary lifestyle such as eating fewer potatoes and dairy products were less prone to arthritis and related ailments. O’s ailments are more painful but less life threatening.

Blood group A do well with a vegetarian diet.  Blood group A don’t appropriately digest meat and dairy products stacked with immersed fats. They are more prone to coronary illness, diabetes, malignant growth, liver and gallbladder issue. They have a defenseless invulnerable, immune system. It is intriguing to note that Japan, a nation which comprised overwhelmingly type A’s, holds the record for longest life expectancy of any nation on the planet. (78 years for men and 86 years for ladies) The reason is that they eat as per their blood classification. Their staple eating routine is fish, rice, soy items and green tea. This eating regimen reliably advances great wellbeing and gives the best potential to maintain a strategic distance from heart maladies.

Blood group B acknowledge both meat and dairy products well. They live the second longest. They have tolerant digestive tract, solid insusceptible immune system, adaptable change to another eating routine and condition. However, inappropriate digestion of some particular food makes them vulnerable to immune system issue.

Blood group AB has blended highlights from blood groups A and B. They may have a sensitive digestive system. But, have excessively tolerant digestive system. Research shows that their life expectancy is longer than A however not as much as B.

We have found it that the right diet can extend life span for each blood type. As Ben Franklin has said, “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure”. We know it that any food containing saturated fat has the greatest potential to harm the body in the long run, regardless of the blood type. There is a popular belief in Japan that the person’s ABO type is predictive of his or her personality, temperament, and compatibility with others. In Japan, blood type as a personality type is so popular that Japanese ask, “What’s your blood type?” instead of asking “What’s your zodiac/astrological sign”. In short, it is believed that Type A is calm and trustworthy; Type B is creative and excitable; Type AB is thoughtful and emotional; and Type O is a confident leader.

Blood Group and Longevity – Is the Answer in Your Blood Type?

Scientific inventions unravel the enigmas and startle even the most awakened and enlightened. This area of blood group and its links with longevity calls for more research so that our entire society will benefit by living more productive, healthier and longer lives.

(Blood Group and Longevity – Is the Answer in Your Blood Type?)

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