Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic and Shallots Make The Culinary World Go Round

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Amazing-health-benefits garlic shallots-make culinary world-go-round

Clear as a bell, Madame Chuingor, my grandmother, has fallen for the allium plant family in a big way. Apart from her own family, the garlic and shallot mean all the world to her.

For instance, she makes no bones about not knowing how to cook without the yellowish or the purplish red bulb. Thus, she keeps in store a good supply and is never caught off guard without the 2 allium cousins that have made her such an accomplished home cook.

Similar Health Benefits Of Garlic And Shallots

When I became an adult, my childish wonder turned to the science behind the health benefits of eating garlic and shallots.

Amazing-health-benefits garlic shallots-make culinary world-go-round

To my delight, the two humble bulbs share similar abilities, and there is no need to turn to supplements when the alliums are natural miracles near at hand, considering the myriad work they do.

As for garlic, there is a classmate whose entire family swear by it, as it keeps the doctor away. More often, praises sung are for the garlic though the shallot can be just.

Beauty Promoting Properties

First, the alliums are great natural beauty aids owing to allicin, a sulphur compound with many invaluable properties,

For example, the anti-fungal properties save your face; shallots diminish acne scars; while the garlic kills the bacteria in your pimples. The blood and circulation properties are also the answer to hair problems like hair loss, dandruff and other scalp infections.

The anti-aging properties of allicin of these two edible bulbs will give you a younger-looking skin. Most important of all, shallots and garlic are ideal for weight loss, as they are exceedingly low in calories and cholesterol.

Vision Promoting Properties

Garlic and shallots are rich in sulphur, cysteine and lecithin; thus, they promote good eyesight. While the world go for medications for eye infections, Madame Chuingor has incorporated natural eye-foods in the diet plans of her household since young. I recalled how a visiting neighbor, on seeing the bright eyes in the family, has tried to smell out the secret.

Amazing-health-benefits garlic shallots-make culinary world-go-round

Bone And Brain Promoting Properties

Besides, the edible bulbs are also effective in promoting your bone health. When joint bones ache, it is time for more shallots and garlic in your food as nothing else seems to work.

But do you know that both allium cousins are good for the brain? They contain folic acid essential for brain function. Had I been aware of this earlier on, I would have hit on a good natural remedy to help a dear friend’s Alzheimer.

Thus, the little things are everything; they make the biggest difference in your diet.

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